Supplements for the over-50s, which vitamins and minerals to take

As time passes, our body changes and, along with this, the needs to keep it strong and healthy change too. After the age of 50, particularly, the mind and body have to adapt to new nutritional and energy needs. Consequently, we may feel the need for greater support, especially in more intensive periods in which work and other commitments absorb much of our time and energy.

In all phases of life, it is recommended to ensure a varied, balanced diet assuring the body all the nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts it needs. However, after 50, it is harder to top up on energy only through the diet. In fact, the energy metabolism slows down and, at the same time, the body’s ability to absorb some micro-nutrients also changes.

It is therefore necessary, especially after the age of 50, to guarantee the correct intake of micro-nutrients for the body, particularly vitamins and minerals, in order to avoid the risk of nutritional deficiencies.

Vitamins and minerals to take after the age of 50

For the over-50s, the fundamental micro-nutrients are particularly the vitamins with antioxidant properties, which are A, C and E, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Furthermore, the correct intake of selenium, zinc and potassium should also be assured.

So what is the function of these fundamental nutrients for the well-being of our body after the age of 50? We have to make a brief digression here, explaining the differences between the functional substances for the well-being of women and of men, because the needs, as well as the nutritional deficiencies, change significantly.

Supplements and minerals for women over 50

This is the age when women go through the menopause, a physiological phase characterised by the progressive reduction of oestrogen.

To cope with this reduction in hormones responsible for many metabolic functions, women over 50 need to integrate their intake of some vitamins and mineral salts.

This is what should always be found in supplements for women over 50:

  • Vitamin D: to maintain healthy bones and strengthen the immune system
  • Zinc: to protect the cells from oxidative stress and support normal cognitive function
  • Magnesium: useful for reducing tiredness, supporting the energy metabolism and psychological and muscle functions
  • Vitamin C: fundamental for strengthening the immune system
  • Iron and vitamin B12: to fight tiredness and fatigue.

And of course we should never forget the importance of a balanced diet, rich in fibre, Omega-3 and Omega-6, which help to ensure the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Vitamins and minerals for men over 50

The vitamins and minerals that offer greatest benefits to men over 50 are part of the same group mentioned above, although men clearly have different needs to respond to. Here are the substances that promote general physical and mental well-being for men over 50:

  • Vitamin A:  its antioxidant properties help to protect the sight and stimulate the immune system.
  • Vitamin C: vitamin C also plays a decisive role for the immune system, and also supports the correct synthesis of collagen.
  • Vitamin E: important for its ability to fight free radicals and maintain normal cardiac function.
  • Group B vitamins: used to metabolise foods and transform them into energy, monitoring tiredness and fatigue. Furthermore, they help to prevent cardiovascular and neurological pathologies.
  • Magnesium: guarantees correct muscle function, and plays a decisive role in the well-being of the cognitive function.
  • Potassium: useful for maintaining normal blood pressure levels, reducing the risk of kidney stones and fighting the negative effects of sodium.
  • Selenium: important for protecting the cells from oxidative stress, regularising hormonal activity, normalising thyroid function and the immune system.
  • Zinc: zinc also contributes to normal cognitive function, but not only. It is functional for bone, skin and hair well-being and for maintaining normal testosterone levels in the blood.

Also in this case, the diet is an excellent ally for assuring all the nutrients that help to maintain a good level of general well-being.

It is advisable to eat fresh foods rich in proteins and complex (preferably whole) carbohydrates. On the other hand, excessive condiments, fats of animal origin and sugars should be avoided.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

Nutritional supplements for the over 50s

Vitamins and minerals are therefore decisive factors for the well-being of the body after the age of 50, as they help to guarantee the full function of the body and prevent an excess of free radicals.

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