ApportAL® and ApportAL® VitAL are a valid support whenever the body is in a state of stress, convalescence, physical and mental fatigue. In our blog, we aim to continue to support health and well-being, offering advice on how to take care of yourself and enjoy a healthy, balanced life style.


Reconstituent nutritional supplements for children: when to take them?

Paediatricians and nutritionists agree on the importance of a varied, complete diet for children, rich in vitamins and minerals and low in sugars. Usually the daily meals are enough to meet nutrient needs and support growth, but during the change of seasons, teething or periods of increased irritability, children may lose their appetite or their […]

Short guide to maintaining muscle function

Muscles are organs that control body movement and have an extremely complex structure, in both cellular and structural terms. In fact they are formed by many fascicles of muscle fibres lying parallel to each other. The muscular system has many functions, and it is important not only for supporting movement but also for maintaining numerous […]

Stimulating physical and mental energy with supplements

Physical and mental fatigue are a quite common condition for anyone coping with a frenetic routine that is often lacking in a balanced diet and sufficient rest. In addition, some periods of the year can accentuate the feeling of fatigue: for example, low temperatures, high humidity, change of seasons and prolonged heat. These are some […]

How the immune system works

The immune system fights infections and diseases, producing what is known as an immune response. It consists of a set of tissues, chemical and physical structures, organs and cells which defend the organism, and it is therefore indispensable for combating viruses, bacteria and foreign pathogenic agents The immune system acts by: Recognising anything that shouldn’t […]

Restorative vitamins: how to cope with the change of seasons and starting school in the best way

The change of seasons and sudden changes in temperature can be a health risk for everyone, but particularly for children. They are more affected by viruses and colds, as their immune system has not yet fully developed. If in addition to the change of seasons they are continually exposed to bacteria and pathogenic agents at […]

Supplements for children’s lack of appetite

Children’s growth is closely linked to the intake of the right amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Nutritional requirements depend on the age, sex, weight and any sports practised, but, whatever these factors, a varied, balanced diet should satisfy the requirements in all phases of development. In specific circumstances, however, it may be necessary to […]

How to recover energy after sporting activities

Practising sport regularly is one of the basic rules for a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the benefits of sporting activities do not only concern staying in shape, but are also tangible aids for both the body and mind, as stress and tensions are literally dissolved when the body is in motion. But subjecting the body […]

Supplements for muscle strengthening

Muscle health is fundamental not only for competitive sports players but for everyone. Muscle tissue is not only fundamental for ensuring correct movement but also for ensuring optimal functioning of the endocrinal system. Muscles can to all extents and purposes be considered an actual organ. Advice for healthy muscles A healthy diet and appropriate hydration […]

Which vitamins to take for diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that causes an abnormal increase of blood sugar levels. The trigger is a deficit in the production, and therefore the efficacy, of insulin, the hormone produced by the pancreas that keeps glucose levels in check in the blood (glycemia). Consequently, diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s metabolism, influencing the […]

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