How important is post-training physical recovery

Physical activity plays a fundamental role in a healthy lifestyle, and the same goes for subsequent physical recovery.

But who has never had painful muscles and a general feeling of numbness after intensive sports training?

After particularly intensive training, it is normal to have numb, tired muscles: this is the way the body tells us we need to rest. You should have a break of 24/48 hours to allow the body to recover tone and energy and repair the fibres responsible for unpleasant muscle pain.

Why is post-training physical recovery so important? Because the body has to rest to remain efficient. Furthermore, muscle recovery is required to make progress at sporting level, develop muscle mass and burn excess fat.

Physical recovery starts immediately after sport and on the days between training sessions. In this phase, the body begins the process of regeneration of the structures that have been stressed by intense stimuli, and works to return to pre-training conditions.

Exaggerating with sporting activities without giving the body the time it needs to regenerate, increases the risk of injuries and suffering more frequently from muscle pain, cramps and overexertion.

Vitamins and minerals useful for muscle recovery

A healthy diet is even more important during constant sporting activities, because the body needs some nutrients that support muscle activity.

Some of these fundamental nutrients for muscle well-being are:

  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Carnitine
  • Arginine

Furthermore, vitamin C and iron also help muscle recovery, reduce tiredness and fatigue, while vitamin E helps to protect the cells from the free radicals generated by the body as a reaction to intensive physical effort.

Supplements for post-training physical recovery

The charge of endorphins we get after a training session is certainly gratifying, and it almost seems that the key to bodily well-being is exactly that. However, health also needs an appropriate intake of nutrients to make recovery after sports training even more effective.

Correct training must include an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals, as this significantly affects athletic performance and productivity in everyday life.

Apportal® products are nutritional supplements that support the body in both full muscle recovery and in topping up the energy charge, in order to be ready for a new training session.

The muscle function of Apportal® is particularly promoted by:

  • Selenium: fundamental support for good muscle and skeletal functioning and to fight physical and mental weakness.
  • Zinc: improved sporting performance, thanks to its ability to repair and regenerate the tissues, as well as stimulate muscle recovery.
  • Magnesium: correct muscle performance, controlling muscle contractions and heart beat.
  • Arginine: improved muscle efficiency, promoting rapid recovery after sporting performance.
  • Carnitine: useful for facilitating muscle recovery and muscle tissue repair, fighting the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
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