Post-Covid chronic fatigue: how to recover energy levels

Constant fatigue, shortness of breath, energy used up quickly, states of confusion: these are just some of the symptoms suffered by many patients who have got over Covid-19 but who are having trouble recovering ideal levels of physical and mental well-being. These symptoms persist even after we are no longer positive to the virus, and are known as the “Long Covid effect”, a condition that can affect patients of every age and sex.

The aim of anyone suffering from post-Covid chronic fatigue is obviously to return to correct levels of vitality, recovering the strength needed to perform normal everyday actions without feeling tired and worn out after any minimum effort. Of course, complete recovery is almost never immediate, and this implies a good dose of patience, as well as close attention to small details that can make the difference. For example:

  • Avoid alcohol and foods that slow down the digestion
  • Consider physiotherapy to recover full body function
  • Keep physically active, proceeding gradually with small targets
  • Having a daily routine helps to assure a renewed sense of stability and humour
  • Mental health is important: it is normal to lose heart when little progress is being made. So it is a good idea to talk to the family and your GP, to avoid isolation.
  • Sleep a suitable number of hours

Do not work too hard to get better quickly, as we have to allow the body to follow its own recovery times. Avoid intensive physical activity and training, preferring for example longer and longer walks, and taking a break to catch your breath. As always, on top of this, ensure a balanced diet to top up liquids, vitamins and mineral salts. So plenty of fruit and vegetables, including smoothies, extracts and juices.

Post-Covid: the correct diet for recovering energy

Recovering energy after Covid19 convalescence necessarily requires a diet rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The Mediterranean diet is always the best choice for guaranteeing the right calorie and energy intake.

It is advisable to prefer light, easily digestible meals, alternating lean meat, fish, pasta, potatoes, pulses, eggs and dairy foods. The essential nutrients include proteins and amino acids, which help to recover muscle tone and physical strength.

Supplements for combating post-Covid chronic fatigue

ApportAL® contains functional active ingredients for recovery physical and mental energy and for relieving the typical sensation of tiredness during post-Covid convalescence.

In fact, a survey was recently conducted on around 200 patients suffering from post-Covid symptoms, who were advised to take the food supplement ApportAL®, containing vitamins and minerals that help to reduce fatigue, as well as amino acids and phytoextracts for 28 consecutive days.

The results obtained show a significant improvement in coping with chronic fatigue.

This is thanks to the complete formulation, and particularly the presence of:

  • Group B vitamins, which provide the body with a good dose of energy, without which it would be a constant effort to perform normal everyday activities.
  • Iron, fundamental for ensuring the correct oxygenation of the body. One detail that should not be neglected when dealing with Covid-19 are the repercussions on the respiratory system.
  • Coenzyme Q10, essential for recharging the cells with energy and restoring physical efficiency.
  • Magnesium, which aid correct muscle activity, also supporting the functioning of the nervous system.
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