How to recover energy after sporting activities

Practising sport regularly is one of the basic rules for a healthy lifestyle. In fact, the benefits of sporting activities do not only concern staying in shape, but are also tangible aids for both the body and mind, as stress and tensions are literally dissolved when the body is in motion.

But subjecting the body to more or less intensive physical effort, we must take a few precautions to avoid injuries and to ensure that the body can recover energy levels quickly, restoring normal physiological well-being.

Techniques for recovering energy after sporting activities

Warm-ups: recovering energy after sporting activities starts sooner than we might think. Never underestimate the importance of warm-ups, needed to increase the body temperature, preparing the muscles and ensuring elasticity during sports, to avoid strains and sprains.

Cool-downs: like warm-ups, after sporting activities we must ensure a cool down period, with a series of activities to relax the muscles, along with exercises that help to stretch the tissues and dispose of the lactic acid.

Have a snack: within 30 minutes after the end of sporting activities, it is a good habit to ensure sufficient rehydration, and a snack rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts and fibre.

The importance of proteins: people who practise sports regularly must ensure that their diet includes proteins, as these provide the essential amino acids that maintain healthy muscles and cardiovascular system.

Cereals: nuts, cocoa and whole wheat cereals help to restore spent energy, and contain micronutrients that fight the oxidation triggered during sporting activities.

Physical and mental relaxation: meditation, yoga, low-impact exercises or a short walk to relax the mind: these common mental relaxation techniques also have positive effects on the body.

Regular night-time rest: the health of the whole body depends on both the amount and quality of sleep.  If there is a balanced sleep-wake rhythm, there is a greater chance of having more energy when you wake up.

Supplements for recovering energy: ApportAL® contains vitamins and mineral salts that promote normal muscle function and help recover energy, strength and tone after sporting activities. This is thanks to its formulation with 19 nutrients, including:

Selenium: an essential substance for supporting skeletal muscle health and functioning.

Magnesium: indispensable for the body for producing energy, helping to guarantee muscle contraction and heart beat.

Arginine: arginine improves the blood flow and muscle efficiency, also supporting muscle recover both after sports and in the event of prolonged inactivity.

Carnitine: it is useful for facilitating muscle recovery and repair after intensive efforts and activities. It also helps the body to fight fatigue.

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