Restorative vitamins: how to cope with the change of seasons and starting school in the best way

The change of seasons and sudden changes in temperature can be a health risk for everyone, but particularly for children. They are more affected by viruses and colds, as their immune system has not yet fully developed.

If in addition to the change of seasons they are continually exposed to bacteria and pathogenic agents at school, the probability of catching flu increases exponentially. All parents are aware of this, but the good news is that, although there is no way to completely eliminate the risk, it is possible to ensure that the immune defences are not drastically reduced.

The recommendations of the Italian Paediatricians’ Society all underline the importance of a healthy lifestyle, in addition to a few simple precautions to take on a day to day basis. With a few precautions and the support of the right vitamins, it is possible to strengthen children’s immune system, so that they are ready to respond in critical periods.

Vitamins for supporting children’s immune system

Let’s start with a concept that paediatricians and nutritionists often state, but which is worth repeating: vitamins and mineral salts actively help to build children’s defensive barrier. This is why fruit and vegetables must be part of their diet, even if you may have to be patient if this causes tantrums. Following a balanced, varied diet is fundamental for promoting healthy growth and educating children to a healthy lifestyle.

So here’s a short guide to the vitamins that help to strengthen children’s immune defences, and the foods we find them in:

  • Vitamin A: useful for the sight, bones and teeth, and also provides valid support for the immune system. It is present in orange foods, including pumpkin, carrots, apricots and melons, green leaf vegetables, liver, cheeses and milk.
  • Vitamin B2: plays an essential role in the synthesis of energy processes for the normal performance of everyday activities. It is present in foods including milk and cheeses, eggs, yeast, as well as green-leaf vegetables and liver.
  • Vitamin B6: useful for increasing the efficiency of the immune system, it is found in foods including milk, meal, whole wheat cereals, pulses, liver and vegetables.
  • Vitamin B12: useful for the production of red blood cells, it is also an important ally for strengthening the immune system. Found in shellfish and fish generally, in chicken, egg yolk and cheeses.
  • Vitamin C: one of the most famous and useful vitamins in the cold season as it strengthens the immune defences. In fact, it has natural immune-boosting and antioxidant actions. It is present in citrus fruits, kiwi, peppers, tomatoes and green leaf vegetables.
  • Vitamin D: it is found in the body and is synthesised through the chemical reaction produced by exposure to sunlight. It supports the intestinal absorption of minerals, such as calcium and phosphorous, which are essential for bone growth and a healthy skeleton. Vitamin D is also an ally for the immune system and is found, although in lower quantities, in salmon, herring, tuna, egg yolk and green-leaf vegetables.

Advice for strengthening children’s immune system

In addition to a healthy, balanced diet, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, it is a good idea to ensure the intake of restorative vitamins to keep children’s immune system strong even during the change of seasons.

The targeted nutrients in ApportAL® Vital are formulated to be well-tolerated even by children, supporting their natural defences in both tackling debilitating periods and recovering strength and vitality during convalescence.

This is also thanks to the presence of arginine, carnitine and Royal jelly. Arginine has properties that improve muscle efficiency, ensuring a better blood flow. In the same way, carnitine helps to combat the onset of fatigue and keep energy levels high even when the body has to make greater physical efforts. Royal jelly is a natural food rich in glucose, proteins, minerals and group B vitamins, and is ideal for combating anaemia and asthenia and for strengthening the immune defences.

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