Restorative function

What do we mean by restorative function?

The body may need an energy boost at any time in life, usually along with seasonal ailments, during convalescence, periods of particular mental and physical stress, intensive physical activity or a weakening of the immune system.

In these situations of general fatigue, it is important to consider the use of restorative nutritional supplements, which can help the body to recover normal functions, leaving weakness, tiredness and physical and mental asthenia behind.

The range of ApportAL® products helps the body to combat these symptoms with targeted nutrients, which restore the ideal levels of vitamins and mineral salts, ensuring a restorative function and at the same time strengthening the immune system.

Arginine: Arginine improves the efficiency of the muscles, ensuring rapid recovery of muscle activity in the case of both prolonged inactivity and sporting performance. Its mechanism of action helps to dilate the blood vessels, thus improving the blood flow and carrying nutrients to the muscles.

Carnitine: Carnitine aids muscle recovery and repairs damaged muscle tissues. It also helps to combat the onset of fatigue and keep energy levels high during prolonged physical effort.

Royal jelly: Royal jelly is a super-food, ideal at any age and recommended to combat a range of problems, increase body tone and improve concentration and the immune system.

Eleutherococcus: Eleutherococcus helps to combat tiredness, weakness, fatigue and difficulty in concentrating. It is also used as a remedy for recovering strength during convalescence. Various studies have shown that eleutherococcus increases the body’s natural defences, improving memory and cognitive functions by increasing the blood flow to the brain.

Magnesium: Magnesium ensures correct muscle function. It is also an important antioxidant involved in many of the reactions that take place in the cells, and is therefore indispensable for energy production. But that’s not all: it helps to carry calcium and potassium through the cell membranes, which are fundamental for the transmission of nerve impulses, muscle contraction and heartbeat.

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